Core Principles to Get Best Property Investment Deals

Investing in the CT real estate market especially if your new can be scary. Clifford Group is a real estate solutions company and we have the experience when it comes to flipping CT houses and buying income producing real estate. As an investor, you need to have reliable sources to help you find great deals. Investing in CT real estate is not for everyone but, it does not have to be scary. If done right it can be very lucrative. These are some tips that we use to help new investors.

1.Think Long Term: Flipping houses will get you quick cash to pay your bills but you need to have a long-term strategy. You need buy and hold investment properties in your portfolio to add long term growth and create a steady cash flow stream.

2.Focus on Relationship: You need to find realtors who are friendly with investors and get on several local wholesaler’s lists. Use local REI clubs to your advantage and network with other members. You will be surprised at the deals that flow through those local REI clubs.

3.Identify your target investment Areas: If you really want to make money on investment properties then you need to identify your target investment Area. New Haven CT is the perfect market if your new to real estate investing. We are active real estate investors in the New Haven area and with Yale and the hospitals close buy there is always a demand for housing. New haven CT also has lots of great starter homes that are great for quick fix and flips.

If your serious and looking insanely discounted property for sale in CT, then Clifford Group is your #1 source. It’s the place new and local investors go to find investment properties for sale. You can easily make money with our help. Clifford Group is the best source of Connecticut Investment Properties at 30-50% below market value.