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Benefits of Using Clad Metals for Construction Purposes

Cladding metals refer to the process of combining two or more different types of metals together. Cladding is becoming a popular trend because the resultant metal is found to have better functionality than a single metal. Binding of metals can take place through different methods which include pressing, rolling sheets under pressure together, casting, electroplating and many other ways. You can get different types of raw materials for cladding and subject them to various binding processes to come up with a specific clad metal. These metals are improved significantly and there are many benefits that can be obtained from cladding metals as seen below.

Clad metals are versatile. Clad metals have diverse uses on different building surfaces. When clad metals are used outside a building, they replace the use of concrete to cover the whole side or a small portion of it to focus all attention on the spot. On the inside, they are used in place of conventional materials like wood on ceilings and walls as they are attractive to look at. This is because you can choose from a wide array of finishes and raw materials ranging from rusty metals to modern steel designs.

Clad metals are durable. Clad metals are durable when used outside buildings as they are not destroyed by sand and hailstones among other flying objects. Since the metal surfaces are impermeable to water, corrosion and electrochemical reactions rarely take place. Growth of fungi and algae is consequently inhibited. When used internally, durability of metal clad surpasses that of materials like wood. The surfaces can be coated with different colors which last for decades and when it’s time to dispose the asset no refurbishing will be required.

Energy saving and sustainable. Many clad metals popularly used are recycled but still possess their original strength and durability. Hence, clad metals serve to keep the environment conserved by eliminating potential metal waste material. When clad metals become obsolete, they are recycled again and converted into a different material. In the process, the use of materials like trees which can become depleted and are necessary for regulating levels of CO2 are conserved. Should you paint your clad metals with suitable colors, suitable coating and the right insulation, you will achieve the required level of temperature and air. When your goal is building green, using clad metal for construction purposes will boost your scores besides saving on energy.

Saves on the amount of money spent. You can make a good choice if you opt to erect industrial and commercial buildings using clad metals as they are cheap. There is a great abundance of metals in the environment that can be used to make clad metals hence their supply is readily available. Because of the ease and speed of installation, there is a significant reduction in labor cost consequently; your returns on investment will come quickly.

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