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Benefits of Ending Daylight Saving Time

As much as people are supporting daylight saving concept, a more significant percentage are still not agreeing to the idea. The opponents of the idea claim that setting the clocks forward one hour ahead is a waste of time. Another argument of the opponent of DST is that the concept can be great cause of chaos and confusion and can use up more energy than it saves.

Here are the reasons for ending daylight saving time. Opponents of daylight saving time argue that the concept has a negative impact on transport and travel. People tend to encounter challenges when traveling more so when daylight saving time concept is put in place. With daylight saving time, public transport systems such as railways companies encounter challenges in standardizing their time since some places have adjusted their time to DST whereas others are observing standard time.

Another reason why people need to sign the petition against daylight saving time is that the concept affects their businesses negatively. DST is known to affect the schedule of animals in areas where the time is adjusted to DST. As a result of DST the overall productivity of the livestock in the areas which practice daylight saving time has decreased. Unlike humans, animals cannot understand the essence of the time change, and as a result, they might take longer to adapt to the changes. Furthermore, DST lowers human work efficiency during the first month of the changes since employees cannot uniformly adapt to the changes in time.

The petition on ending daylight savings time is vital since the move will lead to abolition of DST which is known to have negative health effects on people. With the changes in time in Fall, most patients suffering from various types of diseases such as cardiac related issues and sleep disorders find it very difficult to change habits easily to adjust to the one hour change. Medical practitioners are against the daylight saving time concept. Confusion happens why handling medical equipment and life devices in areas with daylight saving time since the devices are time-dependent. The best way of avoiding complications in medical operations involves accurately scheduling appointment and medications.

Though DST may benefit some businesses; others count losses with the introduction of the concept. Daylight saving time makes people spend much time enjoying sunlight something which makes them skip going to the cinemas.

People need to protest against DST since it can make people sick. At the beginning of DST, studies have shown DST to cause car accidents, workplace injuries, suicide, and miscarriages. People from different parts of the world need to protest against daylight savings time.

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