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Why Hire a Defective Product Attorney?

Between the years 2003 an 2015, the US military issues dual-ended earplugs for soldiers who were in active duties in war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was found that the earplugs were defective and many of the soldiers were left with full or partial hearing loss or tinnitus.

You need a product defect lawyer to help you if you have served in the military and have used those combat earplugs and are now suffering from hearing loss and tinnitus. IF you want to pursue maximum compensation for your injuries, then you need to look for an attorney with the knowledge and resources necessary for this. Since most attorneys work on a contingency basis, you don’t have to pay them anything until they have won the case for you. Otherwise, you don’t pay anything. This they call the no fee guarantee.

The company that manufactured the dual-ended earplugs have designed them so that there are two layers of protection for the user. One of the layers of protection blocks out the noise while the other side protects the eardrums from the impact of gunfire and explosions.

However, during the investigations it showed that the earplugs had flaws in its design. These earplugs were too short for proper insertion in the ears. The result was that the earplugs were dislodging and failing to protect the eardrum.

Military personnel are susceptible to serious hearing damages without adequate ear protection. Those soldiers stationed in combat zones are continually bombarded with loud sounds from gunfire and explosions to heavy machinery and aircraft.

When these earplugs were being used, many veterans were active in the military. And most of them are experiencing tinnitus or full or partial hearing loss today.

As the company that has manufactured the defective earplugs has paid millions of dollars in damages to the US military, the solider who have suffered damages are eligible for compensation for their sufferings.

If you have suffered hearing damage due to using these defective earplugs during your military service, then you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, pain, and suffering and all the other ways your injuries have cost you.

To be able bring a compensation claim, then you have to show that you were in the US Air Force between 2003 and 2015, you have used the defective earplugs during your service, and that you are now suffering from tinnitus or hearing loss problems. You can still receive compensation even if you currently receive disability or other service-related benefits.

A good defective product attorney can help you get your life back on track. You deserve justice and compensation and so you should find an attorney that has experience and resources to seek that.

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