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Importance of Getting in a Lease Agreement

A the lease agreement is where the owner of the land or the building permits the lease some legal rights on the property that are similar to his rights over the property. A lease agreement has more advantages to the tenant than the landlord. The lease enjoys more after leasing a house or a land for a long period. There are various benefits that you can enjoy as the lease.

You are given the all rights over the house or the land once you have signed the lease agreement until you want to give the owner grounds of eviction or when your lasing period elapses. You are free to do what you want with that land or building without the landlord asking you anything. The owner cannot make you leave the house the leased land without your consent or without you agreeing to move out. The landlord cannot replace you with any other person after you get hold of the property of after the two of you signing the lease agreement. Leasing has more advantage than renting because as tenant in rental agreement you are not given full possession of the property.

The other advantage of signing a lease agreement is that you rent controlled for a period. You don’t have to worry about paying rent at the end of each month, and you cannot be affected by rent rise that may rise at least once per year. The owner of the how cannot add extra charges that are not included in the lease agreement and you don’t have any obligation of accepting the changes. You have the right to agree to another lease agreement or disagree with the lease agreement.

If any problem arises in the leased problem and they are not included in the lease agreement you do not have a legal right to solve that problem. Such problems may include repairs and maintenance . the landlord cannot tell you to pay for any damage that has to occur to his property during your possession especially if it was not included in the lease agreement at the time of signing it. The landlord is the only person who has extra duties of doing things not included in the agreement It is of more advantage to you as the lease because you cannot be held responsible for any problems that may happen on leased asset if it was not written in agreement that you signed.

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